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What's Different About LeisureJobz?

There are many alternatives for employers to post their job openings.  Large job board sites have developed very special software and environments to capture as much of the job searching/recruiting business that's out there.

LeisureJobz is a highly specialized job board catering to the unique needs of the leisure industry.  We are different than most other job boards and executive search services because we are active in the leisure industry talking to potential employers and job applicants every day.  Our goal is to be able to direct any business in the leisure industry to this site knowing that the best and most qualified candidates for job openings look to our site to help them find their next best career opportunity.  Our goal is to attract people who didn't just fall into the leisure industry but who are driven to it.  People who are passionate about delivering exceptional service to customers interested in their personal health and well-being.  We're dedicated to finding exciting careers for exceptional people.

LeisureJobz is about connecting the best with the best!  Give us a try...

Why Register?

  • FREE Registration - There is NO cost to register, which then provides you with the same features/benefits as registered job seekers.
  • Job Posting - Once you register, you can post your jobs based on our pricing model.  If you have a subscription, you can also review resumes posted on this site by job seekers.
  • Get Local - When you register, you tell your "default region" or home area. Once you have done this, the site will try to first find ads in your local area and display those results first. This never prevents you from seeing ads from anywhere in the country.
  • Privacy - We do not share or sell your registration data. See our Privacy Policy for complete details.
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Getting Started Using LeisureJobz

  1. Registration - This is your first step as either a job seeker or employer.  The site simply collects your personal/corporate information.  At a minimum, registration allows you to receive emails when jobs are posted that meet your search criteria.  No payment information is required at this stage.  You'll only enter credit card information should you wish to post a job.
  2. Job Posting: Deciding on a Plan & Fees - As an employer, you can decide if you want to post individual jobs or multiple jobs.  If you plan to post more than one job in a 30-day period, the subscription model is the better choice.  The subscription cost is the same as two, 30-day "standard" (non-"featured") postings.  With a subscription, all your job postings are given "feature" status (a $25 value per job), AND you can search resumes posted to LeisureJobz.  Subscriptions also allow you to create UNLIMITED job postings during the subscription period, which enables you to create generic "standing" postings to continuously capture quality candidates for existing and future openings.  Only employers with subscriptions can view resumes.  All fees are paid up front, and there are no refunds or pro-rating of fees.
  3. Job Posting: Contact Information & Job Display - You have control over what information is displayed to a candidate.  You can choose to hide one or all of the following information: organization name, contact person's name, contact person's email address, and contact person's phone number.  Job seekers can still email you of their interest, but they will not see the email address of the recipient.  You can change your job posting's settings at anytime.
  4. Filling Your Position - LeisureJobz enables you to fill your position by utilizing the following tools built into our site: (a) candidates can do extensive searching using the site's powerful search capabilities, (b) candidates can use the email notification feature to receive an email when a job posting meets their criteria, (c) candidates can sign up for RSS feeds to be notified when pages with job postings are updated with new jobs, and (d) employers with subscriptions can search resumes on the LeisureJobz site.
  5. Increased Exposure to Candidates - LeisureJobz was founded by people with over 35 years of experience in providing both consulting and management services for spas, fitness facilities, and leisure complexes.  We are directing our clients to post middle management and line staff positions on this site, and we are encouraging all candidates interested in leisure industry to post their resumes here.  LeisureJobz is positioned to be THE meeting place for employers and talented candidates to connect.
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